Stalatube is a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel structural hollow sections, I-beams and profiles as well as further processed products.

Our slogan Use our strength says it all!

Stalatube in nutshell

Stalatube is known worldwide as the manufacturer of diverse and highly-developed stainless steel hollow sections, profiles, and components. It has the world’s largest product range for square and rectangular hollow sections. Stalatube has been in business for over 50 years and has a global distribution network that reaches 50 countries across all continents. Production is based in Finland and Poland, with sales offices in the United States and the Netherlands.


Salatube is the best stainless solutions provider in its branch.


The world’s leading sustainable and customer-oriented manufacturer of high-strength stainless steel hollow sections and the world’s leading supplier of high-strength products in the transport industry.


  • Value-added services to our partners and customers
  • Honesty
  • Yes we can
  • Harmonious relationship with nature, society and individuals
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Profitability

Management team

CEO, Sami Packalén
CFO, Sari Pulkkinen
Sales Director, Jori Määttänen
Sales Director, Markus Pirkkalainen
Marketing and Communications Director, Petra Peltovako
Business Development Director, Sami Kaijanen
Production Director, Tuukka Juhanila
Director of Product Development and Technology, Lari Brask

Entrepreneur, The Chairman of the Board

Jukka Nummi

Picture below: from left to right Sami Packalén, Jukka Nummi

How the story began

Stalatube was established in Lahti, Finland in 2000. At the time, Stala-Yhtiöt, established in 1972, was divided into two separate businesses: Stala Oy, which manufactures steel sinks and Stalatube, which manufactures structural hollow sections. Stala-Yhtiöt started producing structural hollow sections as far back as in 1974 when steel sinks for industrial kitchens required a strong stainless steel frame.

With fifty years of experience behind it, the family business has grown from a small Finnish company forging its own path into a global leader, a fair and responsible partner and a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel structural hollow sections and stainless steel components. Our journey continues as we head towards new stories and a more sustainable world.

Reino Rajamäki, Stalatube’s founder, held the position of CEO until 1996. After Rajamäki, Jan Christiansen (1996–2005) took on the role. His contribution to Stalatube’s global expansion was immense. As of 2005, Stalatube has been headed by Jukka Nummi, a second-generation representative of the family company. Nummi acted as CEO 2005-2019 and remains full-time Chairman of the Board of Stalatube from the beginning of 2020. At the same time, Sami Packalén, previous long-time SVP, sales and marketing in the company, was appointed CEO. Packalén has vast experience of the company and stainless steel business as he has worked for the company since 1999.

Global to local

With our headquarters in Lahti, Finland, we are strongly local company with an international approach. We have locations in six countries, our products are exported to all continents and we are present at numerous global exhibitions annually, so with Stalatube there is plenty of changes for international travel. However,  we are proud to be Finns and it’s core of our way of thinking and doing.

Towards sustainable world

Through our operations, we are also building a more sustainable world, as stainless steel is sustainable choice. Respect for nature is one of the core values ​​of our company. Stainless steel lasts for at least 100 years and is still 100 % recyclable. A recycling process does not degrade its quality. 75% of the raw materials used by Stalatube is recycled steel, whose share we are constantly striving to increase.