The increasing use of stainless steel hollow sections in load-bearing structures has created a demand for more high strength stainless steels. Duplex and Lean Duplex answer to the most demanding needs by offering a superior combination of high strength, corrosion resistance and lowered life cycle costs. When weight matters or the environment poses a challenge, light, extremely durable and maintenance-free Duplex and Lean Duplex structural hollow sections are the ideal solution.

Duplex and Lean Duplex stainless steel tubes

From light-weight bus bodies to the highly corrosive and rough conditions of oil and gas platforms far out at the sea, Duplex and Lean Duplex offer freedom from maintenance needs, lower transportation and assembly costs and a smaller environmental footprint. Their improved stress corrosion cracking resistance and steady price level over time due to low nickel content are also qualities that various industries benefit from – including the process industries and the building and construction industry.

Advantages of duplex and Lean Duplex grades:

  • High strength enables lighter contructions
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Improved stress corrosion cracking resistance
  • Steady price level year after year based on low nickel content (1-2 %)


Stalatube’s high-strength class STALA630D offers not only extreme strength but also superior elongations properties.

  • Min. yield strength 630D MPa (91 ksi)
  • Min. tensile strength 750 MPa (108 ksi)
  • Min. elongation 20%
  • Standard length is 6 m
  • Various tailoring solutions available

We can also offer other duplex-materials by request, please contact our sales for more detailed information.

Stalatube was one of the first companies on the market to start producing Duplex and Lean Duplex hollow sections. Our expertise in them dates back over a decade and our core strength is tailoring solutions for our customers. Tailoring options include custom made dimensions, cut to length, laser cutting, surface finishes, specialty duplex and Lean Duplex steel grades and ready-to-assemble kit packages.

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