Stainless steel as a material effectively decreases life cycle costs and offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as freedom from maintenance needs. The durable and sustainable, 100 % recyclable material is a perfect match for various industries needing light-weight, high-strength solutions.

Stainless steel I-beams and U- and L -profiles

Made of austenitic, duplex and Lean Duplex steel grades stainless steel profiles and beams are built for challenging conditions. For the building and construction industry, their fire resistance properties make them an attractive choice for structures – without a need for coating.

In highly corrosive environments, duplex and Lean Duplex beams and profiles provide superior general corrosion resistance, pitting resistance and intergranular corrosion resistance.

We offer welded I-beams in standard or custom sizes, both in metric and imperial sizes.


Welded I-beams IPE, HEB, HEA according to DIN 1025. 

Dimension range:

  • Height H: 100-500 mm
  • Flange width B: 100-300 mm
  • Web thickness Tw: 5-12 mm
  • Flange thickness Tf:6-20 mm (Duplex max. 15 mm)
  • Standard length: 6 m

U- and L -profiles

Press braked U-profiles up to 1000x250x20 mm (HxBxT)

Dimension range:

  • Height H: 120-1000 mm
  • Width B: 60-500 mm
  • Thickness T: 5-20 mm
  • Length L:3-6 mm (Duplex max. 15 mm)
  • Standard length: 6 m

Press braked L-profiles up to 500x500x20 mm (HxBxT)

Dimension range:

  • Height H: 50-500 mm
  • Width B: 50-500 mm
  • Thickness T: 5-20 mm
  • Length L:3-6 mm (Duplex max. 15 mm)
  • Standard length: 6 m

Various tailoring solutions also available.


Hollow sections product, imperial

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