Stainless steel hollow sections manufacturer

Stalatube provides high-strength stainless steel solutions. With 50 years of experience, we have significant experience in finding the right materials and the right approach in any given situation. We have one of the largest range of stainless steel hollow sections and I-beams and profiles. In addition, we provide the best and widest possible service for our customers.

The best solutions to your needs

STALA high-strength class

Unique combination of high strength, high elongation properties and fire- and corrosion resistance. 

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Stalatube stainless steel tubes

Hollow sections

We offer the world’s largest dimension range in structural square and rectangular hollow sections.

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I-beams and profiles

Our stainless steel selection includes custom and tailor-made welded I-beams as well as  press braked L- and U-profiles.

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Our Company’s Christmas Time Opening Hours

As the festive season approaches, we want to inform our valued customers and partners about our company’s opening hours during the Christmas period. Please take note of the following schedule....

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Stalatube X Hyneman Video Series: The Third Part is Out Now

It’s time for the third episode of Stalatube X Pekka feat Jamie Hyneman video series. In the series’ third and final part, Jamie pays a visit to Pekka at Stalatube’s...


Determined improvement work led to over 42 % less scrap in five years

Stalatube’s ongoing goal is to be able to decrease the amount of waste and improve the effectiveness of raw material use. Scrap percentage is a concrete and clear measure for...

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