As a company Stalatube is committed to the guidelines
and principles set in this Code of Conduct and the same
rules apply to each individual.

transparency in everything we do

Stalatube is a globally operating company with strong roots in Finland. The story of Stalatube began in a city named Lahti, where the company’s headquarters are still located. We don’t engage in corporate trickery; instead, we take pride in our role as a local taxpayer and employer. Whenever possible, we also utilize local suppliers in our operations.
Locally, we support various cultural and sports clubs and make donations to the less fortunate.
We treat all people equally regardless of gender, age, religion, or ethnic background, and we respect the surrounding environment as we strive towards a more responsible world.

Code of Conduct

Stalatube’s Code of conduct is a set of rules which is commonly written for employees of a company, It protects the business and informs the employees of the company’s expectations.


In every situation, we strive to act responsibly, and lawfully and follow the ethical values of our company. If there are any irregularities in our activities, we want to know. We have a confidential whistleblowing channel in our group, which allows our staff and other stakeholders to safely report any irregularities they have perceived. You can submit a report if you suspect that a criminal offence, misconduct or any other activity contrary to the values of our group has taken place.

Stalatube whistleblowing channel allows employees and other stakeholders of Stalatube Group to report in confidence any wrongdoing or activity in Stalatube Group’s activities that violate European Union, national laws or Stalatube’s Code of Conduct. Through the whistleblowing channel, a whistleblower who has discovered or suspects in the course of his or her work that an activity is in breach of the law may report, following the Whistleblower Protection Act, an activity that is contrary to the public interest.

Whistleblowing channel

Code of Conduct




Teppo Lassila

EQHS Manager IWE & IWI-CStalatube Oy (Finland)

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