Privacy statement

Stalatube Oy processes your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. This privacy statement and privacy notices provide you comprehensive information about personal data processing activities conducted by Stalatube. Information may be supplemented by specific privacy notices and additional local documentation. Notice also that your rights as a data subject may also vary from country to country depending on the applicable data protection laws. Our privacy statement presents the rights according to the EU’s general data protection regulation (“GDPR”). Any mandatory laws or regulations will take precedence in the event that it conflicts and has stricter requirements than this statement or privacy notices. 

This privacy statement is divided into privacy notices that relate to the different personal data processing functions in Stalatube.

Stalatube uses cookies to provide the best user experience, to analyze traffic, and to provide users relevant content and information. For more information, please view Cookie Notice .

Stalatube drives to develop continuously its business and data protection tools and reserves the right to amend this privacy statement and privacy notices. When required by applicable laws Stalatube may contact you in order to provide information about updates or changes that have effects on you.