Ferritic stainless steel offers a cost-effective, more corrosion resistant alternative to galvanized steel. An ideal choice for structural uses in the transportation industry. Its benefits come from lower life cycle costs, low maintenance needs and a steady price level due to low nickel content.

Ferritic stainless steel tubes

Ferritic EN 1.4003 I S40977 square and rectangular hollow sections, components and sheets are a cost-efficient solution providing good structural corrosion resistance and relatively high strength.


The strength can be further strengthened with our own strength class STALA400F.

  • Min. yield strength 400 MPa (58 ksi)
  • Min. tensile strength 450 MPa (65 ksi)
  • Min. elongation 10%

Available in several thicknesses which enable to further optimize the weight of the structure.


Hollow sections, I-beams and profiles, metric

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Hollow sections product, imperial


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Jori Määttänen

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