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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

All of our standard tube dimensions are listed in our technical data sheet. We also manufacture fully tailored hollow sections: outer dimensions, thicknesses and lengths can be custom-made to your requirements.

Tailoring is something we do on the daily. Besides outer dimensions, we can also adjust thicknesses, lengths and strengths based on your specific needs.

Yes. In addition to standard lengths, you can order cut-to-length to save material, transportation and assembly costs – as well as decrease waste and environmental footprint. Use the cut-to-length savings calculator to estimate your savings or contact Sales to ask for more information.

We currently manufacture welded components. Contact our Sales about the possibility for welded structures.

Yes, we do. Perforation, angle cutting and laser cutting are examples of our versatile tailoring services. You can read more about tailoring here or get in touch with our Sales here.

Our products are always manufactured within thickness tolerances specified in EN and /or ASTM standards.

Stalatube flat bars are currently available in steel grades AISI 304 (EN 1.4301), AISI 304L (EN 1.4307), AISI 316Ti (EN 1.4571) and AISI 316L (EN 1.4404) and in metric sizes. They are slit, straightened and edge rolled. Standard length is 4 meters and standard surface finish is hot rolled 1D. Other lengths and surface finishes are available by request. See our flat bar technical data sheet here.

We do not manufacture round tubes – our products are square and rectangular hollow sections and profiles.

All products we sell are manufactured to strict quality requirements and have passed a quality inspection. We do not supply factory second / downgrade products.

We manufacture products in Duplex grades EN 1.4062 (X2CrNiN22-2), 1.4162 (S32101), 1.4362 (S32304/X2CrNiN23-4), 1.4462 (S31803/X2CrNiMoN22-5-3). We also provide an enhanced strength class STALA630D to further strengthen the product.

Duplex is a light, extremely durable and maintenance-free material that can effectively lower the life-cycle costs of your application. It performs extremely well in applications and environments where high strength and superior corrosion resistance are needed. Various industries also benefit from the lower nickel content of Duplex steels as it leads to a steady price level over time. Read more about our Duplex products here.

These are our enhanced strength classes – STALA350 and STALA500 for Austenitic products, STALA400F for Ferritic products and STALA630D for Duplex products.

All products are manufactured in the EU. Our main production facility is in our headquarters in Lahti, Finland. Our further processed products are manufactured in in Łódź, Poland, in a new production facility we opened in 2019.

All of our I-beams are always MAG (GMAW) welded, and our hollow sections can be TIG, plasma, laser, or HFIW welded. Stalargo™ products are press braked and MAG or TIG welded.

Our I-beams are fillet welded according to customers’ specification which can be minimum throat thickness or full penetration. Full penetration weld leaves no crevices into the weld and makes the product suitable for the most demanding applications.

A welding operator controls our automated/mechanized welding. All the welding operators are qualified according to ISO 14732.  We have also received the ISO3834-2 certificate to our welding work.

We sell to all continents and over 50 countries. Our country representatives and agents can be found on our contacts page. If your country is missing from the list, please contact Sales

It is totally depending on the tube dimension, in some sizes we do not have basically a minimum order quantity at all. Contact our sales to find out the minimum order quantity of any specific product.

It depends on the tube dimension. Contact our sales to find out the bundle size of any specific product.

We have hundreds of dimensions in stock. Average shipment time for stock items is 3-5 days. In case the required product is not in stock, we can normally produce it in few weeks.

Our standard products are wrapped in plastic film and we use a also cardboard corner protection in bundles. We can also provide customer-specific packing and protection methods for example for project deliveries.

Using forklift and Actiw LoadPlate automatic container loading equipment.

Our products are manufactured according to the specifications informed in Stalatube Technical Data Sheet, or according to specific customer specifications. In the Technical Data Sheet we inform all the standards and other product features used in the production process. Our Technical Data Sheet can be found in Toolkit.

Our products do not fulfill the EU Pressure Equipment Directive. All the standards related to manufacturing process can be found in the Technical Data Sheet that is downloadable in our Brochure catalogue. You can also read and download all of our certificates and statements.

Our quality assurance process is in accordance with the standards ISO 3834-2:2006 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) The process covers material inspections and process quality controls to ensure product conformity We provide also customer and project specific product testing and inspection including NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

All of our certificates and statements are downloadable in Toolkit.

We are ISO 14001 certified. We have also been a part of Cleantech Finland network nearly since its foundation. Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material and for us it’s natural to see sustainability as something that is very deeply rooted in our core. Find more about our environmental matters and sustainability here.

We guarantee a minimum of 75%, i.e. 75% of the raw material used to make the products is recycled. In practice, almost without exception, this is already more than 80%. This is based on choice, i.e. we only work with suppliers who use more than 75% recycled steel in their raw materials. We monitor the emissions from the raw materials we buy on an annual basis. By using recycled raw material, we significantly decrease the life-cycle environmental impact of our product – without having a negative impact on product quality. We continuously monitor the realization of this promise.

Stainless steel as a material – and our products – are 100% recyclable. Even at the end of the product’s life cycle, the material is still valuable as it can be reused for new stainless steel raw materials.

We use only recyclable packaging materials and continuously aim to decrease the amount of material needed for packaging.

We’re happy to hear you are interested in us as an employer! We encourage you to take a moment to find out what we are like as a workplace. All our job openings are posted here. If we do not have an open position to match your profile, you can also send us an open cover letter and CV. Please mail them to We look forward to hearing from you!

We currently have employees in 6 countries. You can find our office and personnel contact information here.
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The difference is in their minimum yield strength: Stala 350 has minimum yield strength of 350 MPa and Stala 500 has 500 MPa. 

It requires some engineering to evaluate which high-strength dimension has the same or better load-bearing properties than the standard strength dimension. Contact our experts and together we can figure out the best solution for your case.

Contact our sales or contact our technical support to get started!

High-strength stainless steel tubes can be used basically in all applications where you can use stainless steel tubes – but their high strength can be utilized mainly in load-bearing applications. These could be found for example in:

  • Vehicle bodies and chassis
  • Architectural applications like balconies
  • Process and transport tanks
  • Bridges
  • Cable supporting structures
  • Dam structures
  • Process equipment

All our high-strength products are listed in the “Products” section of our website: high-strength hollow sections can be found on the High-strength stainless steel tubes