While our standard product range covers over 600 products, tailoring is in the core of what we do. We want to exceed customer’s expectations in everything we do.

Stainless steel Tailoring – Infinite possibilities with our service

Products can be custom-made to customer specifications including lengths, thicknesses, strength and treatments such as laser cutting, perforations and surface enhancement. Through our tailoring service, we can also optimize the outer dimensions of hollow sections, I-beams and profiles at one millimeter precision. Custom-made smart components and pre-fabrication are on option as well.

Tailored and optimized products eliminate the need for post-delivery alterations on-site, while reducing material waste and yielding in more cost-efficiency in material, transportation and assembly costs. By manufacturing precisely according to your requirements, we can additionally lower carbon dioxide emissions and increase sustainability.

Contact us at the earliest possible stage of your production to make the most out of our tailoring service. 

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Jori Määttänen

Sales DirectorHollow sections & profiles, Transport IndustryStalatube Oy (Finland)