Sometimes choosing a stainless steel product is as easy as picking a standard-sized ferritic tube – with no need to put in extra effort on steel grade selection, welding methods, packaging or complicated project documentation. When the solution is clear and simple, choosing a standard product from our world’s widest range of hollow sections will often do the job.

Technical consultation

Other times, projects are complex or there are no immediate answers, and even then we promise to find you a solution. Technical consultation is a value-added service built to solve your questions – even in the most challenging applications. Our stainless steel know-how and skills are a result of decades of experience combined with an ambition to continuously learn and develop our people.

Use technical consultation to find individual answers to meet the requirements of your project – or let a designated technical expert take care of your entire project. Project management and technical consultation can also include on-site assistance.

Interested in learning more about test reports, certifications and statements? Check our testing and certification service.

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Lari Brask

Director of Product Development and TechnologyStalatube Oy (Finland)

Technical support, Welding & materials