Stalatube is the global leader in stainless steel for bus and coach body tubes, sheets, and components. We supply tailor-made solutions for bus and coach body and chassis structures, providing everything from standard-length tubes to optimized laser-cut and bent components. 

The world’s most LIGHTWEIGHT bus body

There are around 5 million buses and coaches in the world covering over 100 billion kilometers a year. If one of these vehicles became 500 kilograms lighter, it would mean a 3 990 kg cut in carbon dioxide emissions every year per bus. Energy consumption and fuel costs would decrease, passenger capacity would increase, and the environmental footprint of the bus would be smaller. Our aim is to make all the buses in the world lighter by using stainless steel in their body and chassis structures. It would make a huge difference in the long run. By choosing the right stainless steel grade and optimizing the structures and dimensions, our customers can significantly decrease their bus body weight.

Our products enhanced with strength enable the manufacturing of even lighter bus bodies with excellent yield strength, elongations, and energy absorption properties. The high-strength stainless steel hollow sections offer not only lighter structures but also better corrosion resistance and lower life-cycle costs. Tailored products reduce material waste and keep the cost level stable. Compared to a traditional carbon steel bus, life cycle costs remain low. Additional benefits come from reduced CO2 emissions, fuel costs, and improved passenger capacity.

Stalatube’s product portfolio for the transport industry contains standard and fully custom-made square and rectangular tubes, tube components, sheets, and welded structures. Laser cutting, bending, and creating ready-to-assemble component kits are at the core of our services for the transport industry. Lead time is reduced through flexible stocking and delivery options.

How to make a lightweight, safe and sustainable bus body? We have the answer.

Ferritic EN 1.4003 (S40977) square and rectangular hollow sections, components, and sheets are an affordable solution providing good structural corrosion resistance and relatively high strength. The strength can be further enhanced with our own strength class STALA400F and several thicknesses are on offer to further optimize the weight.

High-strength and corrosion resistance with STALA630D

High-strength Lean Duplex steels EN 1.4062 and EN 1.4162 lead to considerable weight-save and provide superb elongation and corrosion resistance. Fortifying them with our own strength class STALA630D will ramp up their yield strength to 630 MPa along with excellent elongation and energy absorption properties.

Combining Ferritic and Lean Duplex leads to the most lightweight bus or coach body that is both cost-effective and durable. A 1000-kilogram decrease in the weight of the bus body is possible through not only material selection but carefully choosing the ideal tube dimensions and thicknesses. Life cycle costs remain low – and the difference is quite remarkable compared to a traditional carbon steel bus. Additional benefits come from reduced CO2 emissions and fuel costs as well as improved passenger capacity.

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Ultimate strength and elongation with STALA800

Stalatube’s newest high-strength stainless steel hollow section called STALA800 (EN 1.4678)

EN 1.4678 has an exceptional combination of high strength and elongation. The material can absorb a huge amount of energy in case of an accident, making it ideal for roll-over structures and collision guards. 

STALA800 is an excellent choice for bus body structures made mainly from carbon steel. It can be combined with carbon steel to strengthen the critical parts of the structure. E-coating is recommended for better corrosion resistance.   

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STALA Opti – optimized strength where the strength is needed

The optimal solution in those bus body structure areas where stiffness is required. STALAopti offers excellent flexural strength for our customers looking for strength and durability without weight increase and stronger joints. This is a unique solution for strengthening the needed area and eliminating the weight increase at the same time suitable mainly for bus body structures.  

It is available in all stainless steel grades in Stalatube’s product portfolio.   

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Stainless steel lightweight solutions for transportation industry

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