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Stalatube starts producing its own clean energy

Stalatube will start producing its own clean energy. The company installs a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its headquarters in June 2019. The solar power plant will be the region’s largest one installed on an industrial property.

The solar power plant has a power output of over 300 kWp and it’s composed of 1150 solar panels corresponding to one hectare or half of the roof area of ​​Stalatubes premises in Lahti. According to the company’s calculations, the output of the photovoltaic system will cover the electricity consumption of lighting, information technology, building technology as a whole and the stand-by electricity of production equipment. At its best, solar energy fulfills almost a third of the company’s electricity needs in Lahti.

Stalatube’s solar power plant’s repayment period will be about 12 years. Solar panels have a lifetime of 25-30 years, and even then of their solar energy collection capacity is at 80%. The solar power plant produces electricity completely free of pollution, so the investment is not only economically sensible but also ecological. “Respect for the environment is one of Stalatube’s core values, so the use and production of clean, renewable energy is a natural development for our company,” says Managing Director Jukka Nummi.

Sustainability is in our core

“As a member of Cleantech Finland and a pioneer in the field, we want to show others how ecological choices and profitable business do not exclude one another – quite the opposite. For us, sustainable development is at the heart of our business: stainless steel as material choice is long-lasting, non-toxic, maintenance-free and completely recyclable.”

Ecological choices and profitable business do not exclude one another – quite the opposite

The company has a long history of respecting the environment. As a pioneer in the metal industry, it standardized its environmental management system already in 1994. Stala Group began to produce waste sorting systems already in the 1980s, when waste sorting was not even discussed in Finland.

Social responsibility is another important value for Stalatube. The company is active in the local society and supports local business. The solar power plant project is implemented by a local and reliable partner Lahti Energia with its local subcontracting networks.

Stalatube will also install a solar power plant this year in its Netherlands office. “Now is the time to invest in solar energy,” says Kimmo Myyrä, Operations Manager at Stalatube. “In the long run, electricity prices and taxes will probably only increase.” The technology and quality of photovoltaic systems have also evolved from the early days, and their prices have fallen. “If your property has a new roof or is about to be renovated in the near future, consider installing solar panels. In this case, the lifetime of the roof and solar panels will run at the same pace, ”Myyrä hints.

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