Modular balconies raise the comfort level of newly built apartment houses in the Asemantausta neighborhood in Lahti, Finland. The stainless steel structural tubes processed by Stalatube and Hiomapojat are a vital part of this durable, high-quality solution.

The task was clear; Finnish balcony builder CM-Rakentajat set out to deliver 100 modular balconies to be installed in the new apartment houses built by YIT in the residential Asemantausta neighbourhood in Lahti. Assembled at the factory site with rails, coating and even wood floor grids, the balconies are delivered to the construction site ready-to-install. The short construction time and durability make modular balconies a sought-after solution.

CM-Rakentajat trusted the production of stainless steel structural tubes for its modular balconies with Stalatube and Hiomapojat. Hiomapojat acted as a subcontractor for CM-Rakentajat.

Jukka Matilainen

Export ManagerEnergy Industry, Hollow sections & profilesStalatube Oy (Finland)

Hiomapojat reached out to Stalatube, knowing it as an agile and skilled producer of customised stainless steel tubes. The contract included two stainless steel tube dimensions and various lengths between 570 and 2,615 mm. Stalatube manufactured, cut and perforated the tubes according to the builder’s wishes . Finally, Hiomapojat finished and assembled the balconies.

The products we received from Stalatube were dimensionally accurate exactly as ordered, and the deadlines were met. I am very satisfied. The products we received from Stalatube were dimensionally accurate exactly as ordered, and the deadlines were met. I am very satisfied, says Mika Hyytiäinen, CEO of Hiomapojat. Years of working together has led to a smooth cooperation and proven Stalatube’s products to meet the requirements.

Markku Katajisto, CEO of CM-Rakentajat, is also happy with the cooperation, which combines the strengths of Stalatube and Hiomapojat. The dimensional accuracy of the tubes ensured fast assembly on the Asemantausta construction site. The durability of the material deserves praise as well.

Stainless steel is a very durable and cost-efficient material and perfect for the modular construction of balconies. Being anti-corrosive, it extends the life cycle of balconies, says Katajisto, adding that considering the changing climate conditions, it is a wise use of resources.

Jukka Matilainen, Sales Manager of Stalatube, is happy about Stalatube’s role and success in this project.

I am satisfied that we were able to respond to the needs of Hiomapojat and CM-Rakentajat fast and with the right solution, says Jukka

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