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Stalatube to launch a new production line in Lahti

Stalatube launches a new best-in-class production line in the company’s main facility in Lahti, Finland. The new production line produces square and rectangular stainless structural tubes from 25×25 up to 70×70, thickness ranging from 1 to 4 mm, strengthening Stalatube’s offering of special-sized tubes. The new line is in ramp-up phase and will start official production during early 2020.

This investment together with Stalatube’s recently opened production facility in Lodz, Poland for manufacturing stainless steel tubes in special dimensions and further processed stainless steel products, will enhance the company’s competitiveness through capacity increase and significantly shortened delivery times and a closer reach especially to central European markets.

Stalatube invested 6 million euros to the new production line, and with the Poland facility, the total investment sum reaches 20 million euros.

“We strive to specialize in stainless steel square and rectangular tubes of all sizes to distinguish us from mass manufacturers,” explains Jukka Nummi, Chairman of the Stalatube Board of Directors. “The state-of-the-art technology enables completely customized tube  and production batch sizes. By investing in a new line, we will continue to improve our competitiveness. ”

Stalatube’s CEO Sami Packalén emphasizes customer orientation as the cornerstone of the company’s operations: “The customer is at the heart of everything we do. With a wide range of customized products and services, we ensure that we stand out from the competition and are able to serve our customers in the best possible way, ”Packalén comments.

Using the latest technology and a high level of automation through all phases of the production process, Stalatube ensures both operation competitiveness and safety. “Our aim was to maximize product quality as well as usability and delivery accuracy of the production line”, says Stalatube’s Safety and Project Manager Ari Sarajärvi. 

Our experiences with the machinery have been excellent and we are eagerly moving on to production phase.

Caption: Stalatube’s Safety and Project Manager Ari Sarajärvi with the first welding example of the new production line. Later this became a 50x50x2 stainless square tube.

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