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Zero tolerance for accidents

Zero accidents. That’s the only number of accidents Stalatube will accept in 2020. In its new strategy, the company is, among other improvements, setting more emphasis on occupational safety.

“We take occupational health and safety into account at all levels of our daily business”, says Stalatube’s new CEO Sami Packalén. “Put simply, this means that working for us or visiting our units does not cause any risks to anyone’s health. Our shared safety is our top priority.”

By developing occupational safety, such as modernizing tools and taking care of workplace tidiness, Stalatube has succeeded in reducing the number of accidents dramatically over the past few years. In 2019 the company made its accident-free record of 327 consecutive days without recorded accidents. It reduced the number of its accidents to one accident total compared to four in 2018.

Pre-emptive actions and employee involvement keys to success

Stalatube has the OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational safety. In addition to meeting certification standards, the company carries out regular safety audits and drills together with the authorities.

“To ensure safety, preemptive action is the key”, says Ari Sarajärvi, Project Manager in charge of Occupational Safety at Stalatube. “We recognize risks, carry out continuous risk assessments and work to address any observed safety deficiencies immediately.”

Our shared safety is our top priority.

For Sarajärvi, company-led actions are not enough. Another important aspect is involving the whole staff in improving safety and making sure they understand its importance. “We encourage our personnel to take the initiative in terms of occupational safety, which has led to several measures improving safety”, Sarajärvi tells. Indeed, since opening the safety initiative program, employees have actively reported possible safety risks which have been addressed before any possible accidents or near-misses.

In addition to proactive measures and employee involvement, Stalatube ensures safety in multiple different ways. It constantly pays attention to safe ways of working and ergonomics – both in the office and the factory floor. The company also provides all of its subcontractors with training in safe ways of working in accordance with Stalatube’s safe work culture.

Stalatube’s safety cornerstones:

  1. Safe working and safe visiting
  2. Aiming for zero accidents
  3. Everyone can make a change

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