Improved safety and reduced weight by using optimized Lean Duplex profiles in bus and coach frames

Lean duplex grade EN 1.4062 offers high-caliber benefits for safe, maintenance-free, and lightweight bus and coach frame structures. In recent years, its usage among bus and coach manufacturers has increased globally. This is due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high energy absorbing capacity, the latter resulting from the material’s high-strength properties and good ductility. Other known benefits are low life cycle costs and potential for considerable weight-save – leading also to reduced CO2 emissions and fuel costs while improving passenger capacity.

A study by engineering company Applus+ IDIADA compared lean duplex EN 1.4062 single (80x40x3 mm) and double (2x 40x40x2 mm) profiles with profiles made of carbon steel S355 and ferritic stainless steel EN 1.4003. The lean duplex single profiles reached the highest maximum force and moment out of all tested profiles and materials – with a relatively small difference compared to the lean duplex double profiles. The lean duplex double profiles had lower weight, higher energy absorption capability, and kept more stabilized after collapse.