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Easily modifiable ferritic components – Riihimäen Ritema Oy

Riihimäen Ritema Ltd, established in 1997, is a metal industry subcontractor specializing in short-run production. Ritema is a long-term customer of Stalatube. We regularly supply them with ferritic sheets and tubes. Their main products include metal plate and tubular components. Other products include: shop fittings, solutions for commercial vehicles, tubular furniture, construction equipment and surface treatment.

Ferritic stainless steel offers a cost-effective, more corrosion resistant alternative to galvanized steel. Its benefits come from lower life cycle costs, low maintenance needs and a steady price level due to low nickel content. Ritema’s large customer group, the automotive industry, uses a lot of ferritic material because the material is easy to modify and also good corrosion resistance can be achieved for final products. In addition, it is easily surface treated by powder coating if needed.

Ritema Oy’s Director, Erja Eiro, believes that long-term cooperation with Stalatube is based on delivery accuracy and speed of the deliveries.

“It’s important for us to be able to rely on the raw material supplier’s ability to be flexible in changing situations. The materials are of consistent quality and the customer service has worked admirably. Our own dedicated sales contact at Stalatube’s end make our purchasing processes easier.”

Ritema Oy is a Finnish family-owned company just like we are and we both want to be a reliable partner for our stakeholders. Versatility, flexibility and delivery accuracy are Ritema’s most important customer promises. Ritema employs over 40 metalworking professionals.

Customer story: Ritema Oy

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