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365 days without accidents – we did it! 

We reached a great milestone today – our employees have not had any accidents resulting in sick-leave for an entire year. Our previous record, 327 days, is from 2019. There was only one accident last year, and that too was minor. 

Zero accidents has been our goal for a long time, and the figure achieved is the result of long-term and consistent work. As a result of goal-oriented development work and effective communications we have succeeded in embedding the company’s vision and occupational safety strategy in the company DNA and in the culture of the entire organization.

“We take occupational health and safety into account at all levels of our daily business”, says Stalatube’s CEO Sami Packalén.

Put simply, this means that working for us or visiting our units does not cause any risks to anyone’s health. “365 days without accidents is a truly great achievement in any industry and a particularly good achievement in the metal industry and work environments involving heavy machinery”, Packalén points out.

In accident statistics, we use LTI1 statistics. According to it, all accidents at the workplace that result in sick leave of one day or longer, excluding commuting accidents, are counted as accidents.

Safe work environment has been achieved through long-term work

The development of our safety culture to this point has been the sum of many projects and initiatives that we have consistently carried out together over the years.

“Our employee initiative system is an essential tool for the continuous development of our safety culture.”

We have developed our occupational safety through development projects concentrating on improving our work environment and its safety: for example we have modernized our production equipment and tools and paid special attention to the cleanliness, noise level and use of protective equipment in the production facilities. 

“Our employee initiative system is an essential tool for the continuous development of our safety culture. We encourage staff to report on the safety risks in their work environment and to share their development ideas,” says Ari Sarajärvi, Stalatube’s Safety and Project Manager. “Over the years, this has led to a number of measures to improve occupational safety, ergonomics and well-being – both in the offices and the factory floors.” 

Preventive safety work is an important key to success

We always strive to immediately address the identified safety risks. Indeed, preventive safety work is one of the most important means for the well-being and continued safety of our staff, subcontractors and visitors. 

We regularly perform safety audits, safety exercises and training together with authorities. Stalatube Oy’s internal rescue plan includes actions to prevent the occurrence of fires and other dangerous situations. In addition, the rescue plan has policies for potential hazardous situations. 

We believe that every day is an opportunity get better. Together, and with continuous effort, we can make our workplace safer – and so far we have succeeded phenomenally. Thanks for this belongs to everyone at Stalatube!

Watch the short video we made to celebrate this milestone: