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Go Pelicans Go!

We have sponsored our hometown’s ice hockey team called Pelicans for many years in a row. This season is not an exception. The Pelicans play in the Finnish national league and the team is most likely going for the playoffs next spring.

Our Stalatube’s title players are forwards Lars Bryggman (#2) and Jesse Kiiskinen (#74).

As a part of our sponsoring partnership with the Pelicans, both of the title players visited our mill in Lahti and learned more about our company and our products. In addition, our staff was given the possibility to set questions for the players and vice versa.

You can also see Stalatube employees at the local hockey arena because our company hands out tickets to the home matches for our staff as a part of our sponsoring program.

We are proud to be long-time sponsors of the Pelicans!