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We are employing young future employees

Summer employees from the left: Okko Packalén, Bea Kallio, Sara Ajakainen
The future lies in the youth. That’s why we actively collaborate with various educational institutions throughout the year, ranging from primary schools to universities.

This summer, we are employing young people of different ages in various teams within our organization. Through summer jobs, young individuals have the opportunity to gain broad exposure to different tasks and in the best case, generate new ideas and enhance their own studies.

During summer, we have summer trainees in areas such as marketing, sales services, financial administration, and production. The duration of the employment periods varies depending on the need and in some cases, we offer students the opportunity to continue with part-time tasks alongside their studies. We are also happy to collaborate in finding thesis topics and provide support to students as needed.

Throughout the summer, we will introduce our summer employees in more detail on our LinkedIn page.