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Stalatube X Hyneman Video Series: The Second Part is Out Now

We proudly present our company’s biggest video series of all time: Stalatube X Pekka feat. Jamie Hyneman. The first part is out now!

It’s time for the second episode of Stalatube X Pekka feat Jamie Hyneman video series.

In the series’ second part, Pekka and Jamie embark on a journey to Spain. Their objective is to study the performance of stainless steel hollow sections used in the transportation industry. This test takes place within a real testing facility situated in Spain. Here, they will place a bus framework constructed from mild steel alongside another made from Lean Duplex onto a platform. Subsequently, both frameworks will be intentionally tipped into a pit, providing insight into how these structures fare under rigorous testing conditions.

An overarching question emerges: Do both tested bus body frameworks meet the standards set by the R66 test? Vamos!

The third episode will be published on Friday 27th of October.

Stay tuned!

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Jori Määttänen

Sales DirectorHollow sections & profiles, Transport IndustryStalatube Oy (Finland)