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Stalatube X Hyneman Video Series: The Third Part is Out Now

We proudly present our company’s biggest video series of all time: Stalatube X Pekka feat. Jamie Hyneman. The first part is out now!

It’s time for the third episode of Stalatube X Pekka feat Jamie Hyneman video series.

In the series’ third and final part, Jamie pays a visit to Pekka at Stalatube’s facility located in Lahti. The primary objective of Jamie’s visit is to conduct a comparative assessment of the tensile strength of the high-strength stainless steel and the mild steel sections. The procedure involves subjecting samples to stretching until they reach the point of rupture, thereby enabling measurement of the maximum force each type of steel tube can withstand. This process aims to uncover disparities in tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and ductility between high-strength stainless steel and mild steel. Keep an eye out for the moment when the new STALA800 escalates the outcomes of the tensile test to new heights. As the factory day comes to an end, Jamie puts Pekka’s trust in Stalatube’s products to a trial – the final test that might get Pekka fired.

Although the first season is almost at the end, we will take a peek behind the scenes on the 3rd of November.

A second season is on the way and Pekka and Jamie will do new tests again next year.

The behind the scenes will be published on Friday 3rd of November.

Stay tuned!

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Markus Pirkkalainen

Sales DirectorEnergy Industry, Hollow sections & profilesStalatube Oy (Finland)