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CE-marking ensures quality for load bearing structural stainless steel

CE-marking indicates that the product is inspected and that it conforms to the essential requirements set out in the applicable EU directives and regulations related to e.g. safety, health and environment. Products equipped with a CE-marking can move freely within the entire EU and they are accepted for construction sites within that area. The actual marking of the product can be either attached to the product, packaging or documentation that follows the product.

Stalatube is able to offer CE-marking for load bearing structural steels according to the standard 10901-2 in Execution class 3 (EXC3). For flat products CE-marking is done according to the harmonized standard EN 10088-5. Durability and quality of load bearing structures have significant effect on safety of different kinds of buildings and bridges, as surrounding conditions can be very challenging and materials that are reliably produced are essential requirement. Application defines the needed execution class for CE-marking. Stalatube’s products fulfil the requirements of more demanding EXC3 and they are acceptable structural steel option for also bridges in addition to different types of buildings.  

The standards for CE-marked products are high and production of these tubes requires extensive work and attention from operators and quality department:

“Meeting the requirements of the standard 1901-2 necessitates a significant amount of quality-related work, such as the implementation of a quality control plan, separate measurement protocols from production, and material certificates with the CE marking. An external auditor regularly verifies that we meet all the necessary requirements appropriately,” explains Stalatube’s EQHS manager, Teppo Lassila.

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Teppo Lassila

EQHS Manager IWE & IWI-CStalatube Oy (Finland)

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