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STALA Opti: Revolutionizing Bus Body Structures with Cutting-Edge Stainless Steel Innovation 

Emrah Dutkun, our R&D Manager, shares insight about our new product STALA Opti in his new blog post. Read below.

“In the dynamic world of transportation, where durability, strength, and weight play pivotal roles, STALA Opti emerges as a game-changing solution for reinforcing bus or truck body structures. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel, this revolutionary product is meticulously designed to address stress hotspots, ensuring unparalleled strength without compromising on weight. 

At the heart of STALA Opti’s success is its tailored approach, offering a bespoke solution that caters to the unique needs of each bus structure. With a composition of plates strategically placed in the main tube and the smaller tubes at both ends of the main tube, this innovation excels in adding strength precisely where it’s needed most. The result is: A robust and resilient structure that not only withstands high stress levels but also mitigates fatigue stress through advanced welding techniques. 

STALA Opti’s compatibility with stainless steel is a testament to its commitment to quality. The product allows for seamless integration with carbon steel if required. Since our main product is stainless steel we have a lot of experience with dissimilar joints. There would be no problem combining with carbon steel from the STALA Opti perspective. Since dissimilar joints (stainless steel and carbon steel mixing usage) are not a problem in the body structure. 

In collaboration with esteemed universities, we have subjected STALA Opti to rigorous testing with various cross-sections. The results speak volumes – a remarkable 64% increase in strength, and around 10% increase in weight for a 1.2 metre 50x50x2 tube. Even more impressive is its ability to give better strength than a tube 1mm thicker in the same cross-section. 

STALA Opti’s rigidity is a key factor, enabling it to absorb and transfer energy efficiently, thus elevating its performance and reinforcing its position as a market leader. STALA Opti’s versatility extends across a wide range of applications, from side wall pillars to front and rear structures. Besides that collision guards, and even axle areas. Its ability to enhance stiffness, and fatigue strength, and maintain a lightweight profile positions it as the go-to solution for industries where structural integrity is paramount.  

As a tailor-made product, STALA Opti invites collaboration with customers, ensuring a meticulous examination of the structure and analysis reports. This personalized approach allows for implementation based on the specific requirements of each project. 

In conclusion, STALA Opti is not merely a product; it’s a testament to innovation that reshapes the landscape of bus body structures. Its unique blend of strength, compatibility, and tailor-made precision positions it as the undisputed choice for those seeking the pinnacle of durability and performance in their transportation solutions.  

Welcome to the future of stainless steel excellence – welcome to STALA Opti.”

The writer

Emrah Dutkun

R&D ManagerStalatube Oy (Finland)

Technical support, Transport industry