Home News CEO Sami Packalén was awarded the Kasvuryhmä’s Golden Mattock Award

CEO Sami Packalén was awarded the Kasvuryhmä’s Golden Mattock Award

The award is given annually to a deserving growth leader for delivering meritorious and ambitious growth.

The Golden Mattock winner is selected based on the Kasvuryhmä’s purpose – to accelerate the growth, renewal and internationalization of Finnish companies: growth rate, turnover size, share of international turnover and community in accelerating growth.

Sami is a bold and forward-thinking CEO who sees sustainability as a core element of the company’s future. Environmental and social responsibility is an integral part of the culture and practices Sami has built at Stalatube. He brings a wealth of experience and positive insight to the Kasvuryhmä community and shares his knowledge selflessly with others by actively participating in sparring teams and activities, says Heli Hytönen, Managing Director of Kasvuryhmä .

I had the pleasure and honour of accepting the Golden Mattock Award on behalf of the whole of Stalatube. We have been renewing our operations and growing our business for four years in a row, driven by our new strategy. We are and want to continue to be the most sustainable player in our sector, says Sami Packalén, CEO of Stalatube.

Kasvuryhmä Suomi ry is a non-profit association founded in 2015 by Finnish business leaders, which promotes the growth, internationalization, and renewal of medium-sized enterprises with the support of its community of members and partners to enable sustainable growth in Finland. Kasvuryhmä comprises 210 growth-oriented Finnish companies with a turnover of €10-1000M. In Finland, medium-sized enterprises account for only 1% of all enterprises, but their share of total turnover and private sector employment is significant. Kasvuryhmä operates as a non-profit community focused on growth, renewal, and internationalization to increase Finland’s overall prosperity. Kasvuryhmä companies share the ambitious pledge to generate €25M more turnover in Finland by 2025, committing to sustainable growth. From 2015 to the end of 2021, this will amount to around €6 billion.