Our STALA high-strength classes offer sustainable choices for every purpose. STALA630D is our Lean Duplex strength class offering an ultimate combination of high-strength properties and corrosion resistance.

High-strength class stala630D

STALA630D is our Lean Duplex strength class. It answers to the most demanding needs by offering a superior combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, and lowered life cycle costs. When weight matters or the environment poses a challenge, light, extremely durable, and maintenance-free Lean Duplex structural hollow sections are the ideal solution.


  • The highest strength
  • The highest corrosion resistance compared with other materials
  • Sustainable choice, no need for coating


The high-strength Lean Duplex STALA630D class is suitable for example in

  • Energy sector
  • Transport industry
  • All applications requiring high strength and high corrosion resistance